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Atreyu’s vision is to become an alternative investment platform for the “woman and man on the street” – where they can invest to earn meaningful returns, whilst they know their money is making a real difference in the world.

Barcelona, Spain   I   Johannesburg, South Africa   I   Bambous, Mauritius

An investment holding company that enables long-term decision making allowing for:
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Nurturing of it's portfolio companies to succeed holistically.


Continuous learning, innovation, adaptation, and evolution.


Collaborating with like-minded institutions to co-learn and drive collective action.


Our citizenship and way of being

Atreyu expresses its citizenship through its development of the Regenerative Investing theory and practice.

The founding of the Regenerative Investing Community of Practice, provides support for a community of investors, investees and other interested parties to co-learn and co-create regenerative investing practices.

Investment Thesis

We invest in solutions that reverse the degradation of our planet and enhance the well-being of its communities to create a healthier, more inclusive future for all. This means focusing on the interdependencies between a healthy planet, healthy people and empowered communities. 

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Investment Selection

We choose investee companies according to these criteria

Investee nurturing and development

Atreyu’s approach to support the investee’s evolution is to provide a nurturing context. This approach allows for co-evolution and co-learning and applies the “Framework for Realising Potential”.

Investor-Investee Relationship

Atreyu brings the following expertise to play in its relationship with its investees
  • Learnings from its experience across different business development stages, industries and regions

  • Regenerative thinking ability and understanding of complexity science 

  • Emphasis on the inherent potential of the investee and its ecosystems


“We cannot solve the problems of today with the same consciousness that created them.”

Albert Einstein

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