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Meet The Team

When Ebru & André met in late 2017, they were on the same journey of making a positive impact in the world. They also wanted to build their own wealth to enable them to follow their dreams on their own terms. In 2019, they created Atreyu, a company to make their investments from, into businesses they believe can help make the world a better place, and that bring them attractive returns. As they progressed on their journey, they developed more clarity on how and what exactly they wanted to invest into.

Ebru Kaya
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André Stürmer
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Get to Know Us

Over the years, while working to deliver positive change, Ebru and André saw that the efforts that were being deployed in one area were often creating negative effects in other areas. A key issue seemed to be that the interdependencies that existed were not understood. Furthermore, it seemed that a desire for implementing positive change was not sufficient, there also needed to be a different way of thinking in order to fully grasp the workings of the interdependencies.

It became clear that a new way of thinking and being was needed.

Discovering Regeneration

There was an intuitive knowing that understanding interdependencies was the way forward. 

"We are all part of a larger living system and every living being has a role and a purpose in the well-functioning of this system. Everything is connected and when we exclude or disregard one part of the system, the whole system suffers."

They started looking for ways to think about interdependencies, but not many approaches were immediately available. They turned to nature: after all, who understood interdependencies better than nature? This led them to biomimicry - and from there to regeneration.

Starting from the concept of sustainability which is about not doing harm, to restoration which is about humans restoring damage, they arrived at regeneration which recognizes that humans are an integrated part of the whole of nature. 

They concluded that aligning their methodologies, actions and being to the principles of living systems is the way to ensure that what they create can survive and thrive like nature itself.

They committed to building Atreyu into a truly regenerative investment vehicle – one that works closely with the principles of living systems in order to create a healthier, more inclusive and sustainable future for all.

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