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Our Portfolio

Jackfruit Finance

The starting point of Jackfruit Finance’s mission is that every child should have access to an education, independently of their circumstance – every child has the right to learn.

To achieve this mission, Jackfruit Finance helps schools grow and thrive, by offering affordable, accessible loans to private schools across Kenya. These loans are typically used to build classrooms, buy school buses, and more generally enable schools to improve their learning environment.

The founders of Jackfruit Finance take a regenerative view on how they achieve their objectives, working very closely within their communities to build capacity for societal growth, not just within the specific school learning environment.



Elucid is a social enterprise that leverages technology to improve farmer health and farmer family livelihoods, by providing health insurance services into typically rural communities in the Global South. On behalf of its clients, typically large procurers of farmer produce (such as cocoa, coffee, cotton) translates impact into data to ease regulatory compliance burdens for these large producers and prove sustainability claims towards consumers.

Elucid takes care that its entire value chain is carefully assessed for opportunities to capacitate the rural communities of the farmers, thereby creating long-term improvements in these ecosystems from both a social and environmental perspective.



Funzi is a Finnish mobile EdTech company that combines technology, gamified pedagogy and world-class content with the mission to impart a “growth mindset” on the billions of mobile users in the Global South. Through the Funzi web-based services, users can choose from a variety of courses, mainly on entrepreneurial skills and basic life-skills, ultimately with the view to stimulate self-upliftment and self-empowerment.



TOMi is a Colombian EdTech company that creates tools to teach and learn, in-classroom or remotely, even in offline environments. TOMi’s major markets are in Latin America, but the solution is used by teachers around the world, especially in countries where educational standards for lower income families are very low. The TOMi platform allows teachers to create their own content, which can then be shared with other teachers subscribed to the platform. Apart from the content, TOMi helps teachers organise their classrooms and their administrative work, allowing them more time to connect with children emotionally and enhancing work satisfaction.



CMO’s mission is to empower small forestry operators to become FSC certified and give them access to a global marketplace. Originally based out of South Africa, CMO operates across Africa and Asia. With proprietary software solutions, CMO helps make the global supply chain for forest products legal, transparent and safe for responsible participants, and enables small growers to access the mainstream global market. Through their activities, they have a positive impact on the planet, as well as the small farmers and their communities. CMO has regeneration enshrined in its DNA, with a stated core value to “give back more than we take”.


FEMNA Health

FEMNA Health is Germany’s leading telemedicine platform for women’s hormonal health. FEMNA’s offering consists of 3 pillars: 1) diagnostics using home testing kits; 2) virtual access to naturopaths and doctors for consultations; and 3) proprietary and unique product line for the needs and desires of their customers. FEMNA’s solution empowers women to take control of their health rather than relying on very short and often undifferentiated visits to gynecologist, and gives them natural treatment options where possible.



Ooooby is a UK-based company with a mission to put local small-scale sustainable farming back at the heart of the food system we all depend on. Ooooby provides operational software for farms and local food retailers, to make shopping for local and organic food easier than going to the supermarket. This enables small scale farmers to participate in the online food delivery revolution. Ooooby’s business model is highly regenerative: it fosters a healthier planet, healthier nutrition, and supports small scale farmers and their communities, also helping shorten the supply chain.

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